Anixa Bioscience: Keyword Map

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Filing date: 7th January 2021
Cchek™ PCC has been a key focus and important milestone towards revenue generation. However, in the latest 10-K (released 7th Jan 2021), Anixa abruptly removed all mentions of Cchek™ PCC and ResearchDx. That's it. There have been no explicit announcements surrounding this development nor explanation with regard to what transpired.

The Keywords Map compares between two annual reports and outputs the keywords that changed – Blue for new keywords added, and Red for old keywords removed.


It is categorized by the section (ie., Risk, Business Overview) that the word appeared in, and you can mouse over the word to view the sentences containing it and zoom into each section by clicking on it


The size of each box represents the word’s relative weight in frequency terms.